1st Post ICM Meeting : Way Forward to Redevelop Marawi

Kuala Lumpur , 19th August : Amal Foundation of Malaysia, one of the main organiser of International Conference on Marawi (ICM) was successfully held the 1st post meeting of ICM at Finterra Technologies Sdn. Bhd office in Bukit Damansara.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Dr. Mazlan Ahmad, Executive Chairman of Finterra Tecnologies Sdn. Bhd and former paper presenter in ICM titled “Utilization of Waqaf Fund for The Rehabilitation of Marawi”. This meeting also brought together all the ideas that has been wrapped up in the conference and agreed to develop comprehensive plan to deliver rehabilitation efforts to Marawi.

(Picture source by Finterra Technologies Sdn.Bhd)


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