Wisdom Of The Old People & The Spirit Of The Youth

It’s really enjoy to be able to learn the work of these old people. They are right for charity work. Make your own money. Use the offline method. From nothing but they want to give everything.
They are voulntarily open a stall in front of the house to find donations every Wednesday in Section 4 Bandar Baru Bangi. They are open from this week for donation fund until next week.
Bangi & Kajang people can buy while donating at the stall right in front of Umi Jasiah’s house. There are small charity sales – small but high impact.

Several young people coming to help where we can. Alhamdulillah, the distribution of 350 food packs was completed around Section 27 Shah Alam. 

Thank you for our volunteer in  Bangi and Kajang who voluntarily contributed.

Jazakumullah Khayran Kathira
AMAL Volunteer Notes : Fikhry Hakim

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